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Giveaway on my Blog!! OUTLANDER BOOK 1

This giveaway is for a (nearly new) copy of OUTLANDER so that you can start you obsession off right! I find that I have about three full copies of this collection, I see them at the book store or the thrift shop and think (gasp) how dare they? … and buy them up and throw them back into circulation. My girlfriends and sister in laws can attest that I try/tired pretty hard to get them all to read this series at one point or another.

I found this book like most of the books I read on the shelf at the second hand book store.  I was so taken by the book in the first two hundred pages that I had to recommend it to my sister in law and a few of my military mom friends.  OUTLANDER cannot simply be described as a Historical Fiction.  It is way more than that.  It has history don’t get me wrong but then there is war, love, sci-fi, fantasy, time travel, historical romance and adventure. Truthfully the genre list could go on and on..  Yes the book was a little intimidating or as Ms. G calls the BIG ENORMOUS BOOKS but if you’re a lover of reading then Ms. Gabaldon 850 page book shouldn’t scare you away.  Ms. Gabaldon does not leave you hanging, as far as characters go, they are well thought out and as you read you feel like you have known them from their start. Each one with their own back-story and it is explained in detail their part in the story.


If you are new to the Outlander scene and you have never given this series a shot then please do enter the giveaway.  Or if you have been a fan for years and you have lost your original copy enter the giveaway!!! No matter what enter this giveaway you will not be disappointed with this series.

You can find Ms. Gabaldon at www.dianagabaldon.com

 She is also on Goodreads and Facebook if you want to chat her up.


Soon to be on STARZ in the US. August 9th 2014.


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