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Chained by Elise Marion-Review

Chained (Chained Trilogy Book 1) - Elise Marion

Chained by Elise Marion

(From Goodreads)

House Toustain … House Maignart … two royal houses once embroiled in a bloody feud … Twenty years of peace now broken in an instant …

Sir Caden Maignart has been captured, beaten, locked in a dungeon, and wrongfully accused of kidnapping and oath-breaking. Determined to free himself and his men, and clear his besmirched name, Caden does not count on the willful nature of his captor, Lady Gwendolyn Toustain, the daughter of the man who was once his father’s mortal enemy. After several attempts at escape, the lady orders him bound and chained to a wall in her chambers—where he will remain under her personal guard at all times and kept from conspiring with his men. While the lady's high-handedness infuriates him, Caden cannot deny that everything else about her drives him to distraction. Forced into close proximity with her, Caden soon finds it hard to remember his mission of escape.

When Lady Gwendolyn of House Toustain first lays eyes on her prisoner, one thing about him is abundantly clear: Sir Caden of Daleraia is a dangerous man. Yet, she must show him no fear. The captured band of knights from Daleraia are her only clue in the mystery surrounding the disappearance of House Toustain’s sons, and it falls to Lady Gwen to seek justice. Is this kidnapping merely the ploy of mercenaries out for a ransom? Or has Sir Caden acted on the order of the High Lord of Daleraia and broken the peace? As she searches for the answers, she never expects the surge of passion that ignites between herself and her prisoner. The longer he remains in her clutches, the more Gwen realizes that though she has him chained, she is the one who has been captured.


I always enjoy a good historical romance and Chained has it!!

The Toustain and Maignart families had had an agreement long ago of peace until something happens that throws them all at each other’s throats. Old kings and their old ways and new princes and their not so good ways.

Lady Gwen Toustain is the sister of three brothers.  When she hears that they are missing after a skirmish it is her duty to find out who is behind it and get her brothers back. She is strong and brave until she meets Caden Maignart the son of the enemy.  She imprisons Caden so that she can find the truth in what happened to her brothers.  Gwen has other thing to worry about as well like a forced marriage with Lord Gaiwan Bainard. Gwen has never know what it’s like to have freedom and to do as she pleases, it has always been told to her and decisions have always been made for her, but with Caden she is in charge, she in control .. or so she thinks.   

Caden Toustain is a knight, strong and bold. He is a fighter and a lover of many. He is looking for answers of his own when his and his men are captured and questioned in the disappearance of three brothers from the House of Toustian.  His capture the young Gwen does not know who he is and the more time they spend together Caden is realizing he must know her.

Adventure, mystery and love always make for a good read by all. I love that the main female character, Gwen is a strong women and doesn’t take crap from no one… GAWIWAN.. yeah you!! Then there is Caden the strong fighter, tamed by Lady Gwen. Ms. Marion sets the scene so well. I truly felt like I was in the kingdom of Alemere. I thought that Ms. Marion layout out the realms for the reader in a way that anyone could get swept up in this majestic land. I will not hesitated when asked to return to Alemere, I would recommend this read to all that enjoy a good historical romance. I was thinking about Caden for days…..Seriously HOT! I need my own Dalerian Knight. I cannot wait until December for the second book of this series Bound.


Head on over to Ms. Marions website you will not be disappointed in what you find there.  If historical romance is not your cup of tea then check out some of her other books.


As always ...

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Giveaway on my Blog!! OUTLANDER BOOK 1

This giveaway is for a (nearly new) copy of OUTLANDER so that you can start you obsession off right! I find that I have about three full copies of this collection, I see them at the book store or the thrift shop and think (gasp) how dare they? … and buy them up and throw them back into circulation. My girlfriends and sister in laws can attest that I try/tired pretty hard to get them all to read this series at one point or another.

I found this book like most of the books I read on the shelf at the second hand book store.  I was so taken by the book in the first two hundred pages that I had to recommend it to my sister in law and a few of my military mom friends.  OUTLANDER cannot simply be described as a Historical Fiction.  It is way more than that.  It has history don’t get me wrong but then there is war, love, sci-fi, fantasy, time travel, historical romance and adventure. Truthfully the genre list could go on and on..  Yes the book was a little intimidating or as Ms. G calls the BIG ENORMOUS BOOKS but if you’re a lover of reading then Ms. Gabaldon 850 page book shouldn’t scare you away.  Ms. Gabaldon does not leave you hanging, as far as characters go, they are well thought out and as you read you feel like you have known them from their start. Each one with their own back-story and it is explained in detail their part in the story.


If you are new to the Outlander scene and you have never given this series a shot then please do enter the giveaway.  Or if you have been a fan for years and you have lost your original copy enter the giveaway!!! No matter what enter this giveaway you will not be disappointed with this series.

You can find Ms. Gabaldon at www.dianagabaldon.com

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Terra Vonnel

Terra Vonnel and The Skulls of Aries - D.C. Akers

Terra Vonnel is a great action pack book.  My boys are 7 and 6 and they loved it.  Not too long and not too short and great for a quick read.  Tierra is a 17 year old sea captian and in this book she takes you on many adventures.  I would love to read more by this author, and It looks like there will be more.

Catching Fire

Catching Fire (Book 2) - Suzanne Collins

Again another book I don’t hear about until they are making a movie, I guess I have a knack for it.  I tried this once and did not get through it as quickly as I had hoped.  Re-read HG and saw the movie and flew through the second book. 


Outlander - Diana Gabaldon

I was recommended this book by Goodreads shortly after they got the new recommendations option.  I thought this was a great book and recommended it to my sister-in law that is a fan of time travel romance.  It has a little bit of everything.  I also like how she does not leave you hanging (as far as characters go) they have a back story and you really feel like you know them when you reading the book.



Drums of Autumn  - Diana Gabaldon

Is it me or does it seem like every time we turn around one of these characters is getting hurt, or your cringing because you think they are going to exp: Jamie chopping wood…LOL Reading Drums and I have to say I love when Bre meets up with her Father..or Da. I had to put the book down to collect myself either from laughing  or crying. I am a first time reader of these books and I have shared with a lot of my “reader” friends. From book one I knew I needed to own them all so I could enjoy again and again.(

City of Ashes

City of Ashes  - Cassandra Clare

Why is it I never hear of a good series until they start talking about making a movie of it. LOL I thought this was a good sequal to the first City of Bones.  The J & C thing kind of does make me cringe but there is still hope that he isn’t her brother right... RIGHT?  I cannot wait to read the next.  If it wasnt for my library being jammed up with request I would be reading it.

City of Bones

City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare

I was pleasantly surprised with this book.  I thought it was a bit slow at first but around page 55 or so I started getting into it.  I love the scene in this book too, I wanna go there…and of course ride a flying motorcycle.

Haven: A Stranger Magic

Haven: A Stranger Magic - D.C. Akers

This book drew me in from the start. My oldest daughter (15) who loves mystery and adventure books would love to read this one. Matter of fact after I read it she says “hey can I read it now?”. Especially since it’s a paranormal read including vampire’s goblins and elves.  Who doesn't like suspense and magic in a small town, this book definitely takes you there, and sits you right on the edge.  It was a fast suspenseful read and we cannot wait to read the rest in this Haven series.